4.5/5 on Yelp

4.5/5 on Yelp

5/5 on The Knot

5/5 on The Knot

4.9/5 on Google 

4.9/5 on Google 

We can't thank you enough for the amazing time we had at the Foundry. Everyone was blown away by the place and Stevie and I are so proud about how it all turned out. Everyone was so professional, efficient, and fun that the wedding became better than we even imagined. I could go on and on but I have a honeymoon flight to catch! 


We recently catered a wedding at another beautiful and unusual location, but our experience was so diametrically opposed to the experience we have with you at the Foundry each and every time we work there. We wanted to let you both know what a wonderful job you do, how much we appreciate it, and what difference your warm, yet extreme professionalism makes.

Monica Byrne, Roquette Catering


I can't tell you how many people, mostly New Yorkers, came up to me to say that they couldn't believe such a gem existed.

Stacey S.


The words "thank you" will never convey the gratitude we have for all that you did. We cannot thank you enough for all of the planning and assistance you gave to make the day so beautiful. 

With your assistance, our caterer was able to create what we had envisioned and transformed The Foundry into an even more amazing spot. We cannot tell you how many of our guests complimented The Foundry - they were in complete awe of it, and many could not believe such a unique space exists in New York. 

Thank you for your patience and all of your efforts. We are also grateful to you for recommending Gary [DJ Gaza] - he was awesome and we loved him. 

We are so glad that when we look back on that amazing day, our memories will include you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Chari & Scott


I can't tell you what an absolute pleasure it was working with you both and celebrating our wedding at The Foundry. You run an incredible operation and the space is magical. Thank you for makeing our wedding night everything it could be. Thank you.

Dave & Jen


We cannot thank you enough for all your help with "The Project". The Foundry was the perfect setting and quite simply, the event would not have taken place if it were not for your generosity. Everyone who walked in the door was blown away by the space. It is a truly remarkable setting and we were honored to have the chance to use it.

Lonely Heart Productions - The Project: A Benefit for Hurricane Katrina


Our entire wedding was totally perfect in a way that I could not have imagined, and everyone agreed that the space was completely beautiful. Our families, who had been skeptical of a) the industrial vibe and b) Queens, was 100% won over. Plus we realized as we went over every detail for the 20th time today, how much the building's layout was responsible for the celebratory feeling that overtook the whole event. Why did the ceremony feel so intense and intimate? Because there were people on two levels, so our field of vision was filled with the faces of our family and friends. Why did everyone - everyone - join the dancing? Because they were moving in from outside and their momentum carried them onto the dance floor. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Gabe R.


We can't imagine having had our wedding anywhere else. What luck we found you! 

You and your staff and your absolutely stunning space made our evening so special and more beautiful and well-orchestrated than we ever could've imagined. You were so helpful and full of advice and assistance during the past year. Whenever we had a question or a problem you were there with a quick answer. You really made planning of the wedding very easy for us through your various suggestions. Even just organizing the piano tuning at the last minute and making sure that it happened was a huge help to us. On the eve of the wedding you and your staff were such wonderful help. I can't express what it meant to watch our wedding run smoothly and beautifully and be able to enjoy our guests and each other. You really created a seamless evening for us. The Foundry itself is an absolutely beautiful space and you presented it at its best to us that evening. 

Thank you for attending to all the details that made the space look its best. I can't tell you how many people (including Old New Yorkers) were stunned and awed by the beauty and uniqueness of the space. We can't wait to find another reason down the road to have another party there. It wasn't just the space, but all your assistance and help from last August until the night of the wedding that made it such an amazing evening.

Lucy & Francesco


Everyone had a wonderful time at our wedding and we both agree it exceeded our expectations! Your vendor recommendations were right on the mark and the evening went off without a glitch. It was just perfect.

Jenn & Steve


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us create an unforgettable wedding day. You've both been so very accommodating and helpful through the whole process and you did a wonderful job of letting us feel perfectly at ease with all our decisions.

We'd like to wish a special thank you to Allison for keeping things under control on the day of our wedding (Taryn, you missed a kick-ass party!). You are so soothing and pleasant to be around. We're happy and proud to have had you as a guest and we hope you had fun with us! The event turned out to be perfect from start to finish and we had an absolute killer time! We wish you our warmest gratitude and the most sincere thanks!

Rudy & Becky


On behalf of the cast and crew of the show, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the generosity and assistance extended to our production. We could not have made the show without the hospitality demonstrated by you. The network is excited about the show and if it was not for your patience, cooperation, and generous efforts this show could not have been made.

Michael Hartel, Touchstone Television Productions for ABC's 'Six Degrees'


I haven't been able to stop thinking about my incredible wedding. You guys gave it your all. You really helped to make it the best day of my life so far! It was my fantasy come true and better than I ever could have imagined it!

Everyone is saying that it was the best wedding that they've ever been to. They are raving about the location! Everything!

Deborah K.


Thank you for going the extra distance to make our party so wonderful. Rave reviews all around. We couldn't have done it without your loving care and attention.

- Jeff & Therese


It is difficult to know all the "behind the scenes" things that you took care of to prepare The Foundry and to ensure a smoothly flowing evening, but we thank you for each one. For all that we were lucky to work with people like you who went out of their way to make it all possible. You made planning fun! 

Thanks for everything. We'll never forget what a great day we had.

Kevin & Gian-Claudia